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A Guide to Choosing a WordPress Hosting Provider

If you are planning to launch a website for your business, you need to think about WordPress hosting. It is not just about choosing a hosting provider; you need to select the best. If you have a website, you need to understand that not all hosting providers are equal in terms of the features they offer. Thus, when looking for a hosting plan, you need to look at some factors to ensure you get the best deal for your business. Here are some important factors to look for when choosing a web-hosting provider.

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The advent of cybercrime and other online malpractices has put online businesses at risk. As such, when looking for a hosting provider, you should ensure that they can provide you with a secure hosting plan that will keep you safe from all manner of digital threats. In case of a security breach or a disaster, they should also be in a position to help you recover and restore your data.


Uptime describes the number of hours a website is expected to be live. Having a site that is often on and off can significantly hurt your business. Considering that you now appreciate why you need a decent uptime, it is worth noting that no webhosting provider that can guarantee you of 100% uptime. However, most of them can get pretty close with some offering an option of 99.99%. High uptime is often meant to reduce costly interruptions.

Upgrade Options

There are different hosting plans. The suitability of a particular hosting plan depends on the type of business or the magnitude of traffic that your website will be receiving. For starters, a hosting plan might be sufficient, but you might need to upgrade as your business grows. This is to say that it is essential to look at the upgrade. Evaluating the upgrade options that they provide will help you understand whether they will be able to accommodate future growth.

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WordPress Specific Services

Most web hosts are capable of hosting a WordPress website. This means that you are likely to have a number of them advertising for hosting services. Considering that having a live site is not about hosting, you also need to look for some WordPress specific services. Look at things like WordPress optimization and the possibility of virus removal from your website among others. …