Top Easiest Programming Languages to Learn

Top Easiest Programming Languages to Learn

Are you interested in learning a new programming language but you are not sure where to start from? The following are the easiest coding languages you can try.


htmlThis coding language was designed to be the easiest programming language. It is the one that most programmers are comfortable with. This language was created in 1990. In fact, it is the main tool for creating the standard web pages and applications across a wide range of servers.


This coding language is well-known for its simple syntax and high-readability. It is quite easy to learn according to different reports. It is ideal for new coders because of its simplicity and consistency that contribute to its approachability and ease of use. Thing programming language has been around since 1994.


This is an open source code that combines C and C++ and other functions. It allows programmers to choose the right language that works well for them. It is also ranked as the most creative language for programmers.


Just like javascript, it is a general-purpose, open source scripting language designed for web development. Also, it can easily be embedded into HTML.


This is a general-purpose coding language that is designed to have minimal implementation dependencies. It was created in 1991 and it is regarded as one of the most versatile and most favored languages to write in.


This is another open source coding language. This is mainly used for graphics and statistical computing. It is supported by various organizations such as the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.


googleThis is an open source programming language from Google. It is an amazing coding language used to develop web applications with few frameworks, APIs, or web servers. Moreover, it is quite easy to deploy a Go app that runs on the Google Cloud Platform. It has been ranked as one of the most versatile programming languages.


This is an open source, dynamic programming language. It is mainly focuses on simplicity. It is also regarded as one of the most creative coding languages.


This is a computer program that is designed to be run using the Unix shell. This is an important coding language for program execution, printing text, and file manipulation.


This is a concurrent, general-purpose, functional coding language. It is widely used in distributed and concurrent systems.